Updated June 23, 2017 at 11:28 AM Eastern Time

Overall Selections

All of our picks are 1 unit


375-240-24  = 60.81 % +176.01 Units

2014-2015 SEASONS COMBINED 664-360-12  = 64.84 %

2016 Record: 207-196 = 51.7%​​ -14.05 Units

2017 Record Since April 26th: 184-192-8 = -16.77 Units

2014 AND 2015 SEASONS COMBINED241-150-19 = 58.9 % +109.44 Units

2016-2017 RECORDS:  75-43-2 = 62.40%+85.09 Units

Professors picks' SELECTION RECORDS

2014 AND 2015 SEASONS COMBINED 229-111-19 = 67.3 % +123.98 Units

2016 - 2017 RECORDS: 292-152-12 = 65.79% +192.02 Units

With each of our 5 sports experts having an average of 11 years of sports betting experience, our sports handicappers have proven to be a profitable service in the sports industry. We are 100% honest and transparent. All of our picks are documented.

Professors Picks is run by five partners, all of whom must be in agreement before we publish our sports selections. This requirement for a consensus, clearly contributes towards our group’s high winning percentage. Two are are experienced statisticians using formula-based methods that have proved successful over time, and the other three are great handicappers. An average success rate of nearly 65% makes our company one of the most successful nfl and college football sports handicappers in the industry.

Our company offers a range of packages starting at just $40 for a one day pass up to $2000 for an entire year worth of sports picks. Players can find the right package for them depending on their financial status and requirements. After purchasing a package, you will receive your picks instantly by email.

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